Asteroid Belt - All things related to asteroid belt in our SolarSystem

 Asteroid Belt is a belt consisting of asteroids which is revolving around our  Sun  like other planets.  First of all, let's know what are asteroids ? Asteroids are very small planets or planetoids that are found mainly in a belt between the orbit of  Mars  and Jupiter. Each asteroid has its own orbit. Taken together, the orbits of all of them are spread over a large distance, forming a band. Astronomers have discovered more than 500 asteroids which are larger than 48 km in diameter.  The  asteroid belt  was first discovered in 1801. It was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi, when he first saw ceres. Fifteen months later a large asteroid was spotted and was named  Pallas.  The whole asteroid belt is revolving around the Sun due to the gravitational pull but as the two planets Mars and Jupiter are there; so there gravitational push is keeping the belt in order. Ceres is the biggest asteroid in the asteroid belt.  There are 1.9 million asteroids in the asteroid belt.  The asteroid belt i

What are constellations and what is the need for this?

 First of all, a star is a ball of tremendously hot ball of gas, which produces heat and light from nuclear reaction within its core. The prominent srars togetherly forms patterns. These patterns are known as constellations.  From the  Earth , the stars in a constellations may look quite close to one another, but in reality they are extremely far apart. All constellations can be seen with the naked eye, though what you can see depends on the time of the year and the geographical position. Many of them are named after characters which are taken from the ancient Greek myths. There are millions and millions of constellations of different stars and different patterns. But, only few constellations is being seen by us. Only 88 constellations can be seen by us.  Out of this 48 constellations are detected by Ptolemy. There are 12 zodiac signs which are only originated from constellations.  Here are few constellations,  ● Ursa Major , is also known as Big Dipper is a prominent constellation. It

Is there alien life in universe?

 The search of alien life started after the UFO crash in  Roswell in USA. American Government has started the research in alien life after this crash. But before this Russian government has already started doing research. Many secret bases were made like Area51, Kapustin Yar, etc and many more to continue research and keep it secret from normal people. But, the question is that is their really any life in this universe rather than us ? Yes! Our space was started after the Big bang and after that trillions of chemical reactions started in space. We cannot say that there is no life other than ours. There is life. The prove is that in distant celestial bodies, stars, galaxies, universe and multipverse trillions of super bio-chemical reaction is going on which are beyond our imagination and different kinds of weird life is there.  Thus, there must be alien life. Scientists recently identified- over a million possible- alternatives to DNA, all carbon based. If we ever discover- other carbon

Worm hole- All information related to warm hole

 Scientists have proved that our universe is in a ball like droplet structure known as Cosmic Ball. This is the only ball in which our universe, galaxy and  our Solar System  is located.  When the theory of cosmic ball arise, then scientists have thought that there must be millions of codmic ball like this. So anothere theory rises which is known as the multiverse. What is worm hole ? Worm hole is the shortest way between two different points, which is arised from the theory of multiverse.  When we can travel through worm hole, we can travel from one universe to another universe and can make a space portal of time-space between universes. What is the necessity of worm hole? When our universe will be on the verge of extinction, we need to save our life from our universe. So to do that we need to travel to another universe. We can do that by using the theory of worm hole.

What is holding Earth in its position ?

 The force known as gravitational force keeps the  Earth  in its position.  Issac Newton one of the great physicists has founded the force of gravity and declared that as object in the Earth falls down due to gravity, like this also the celestial objects in the space are in a freefall and everything is falling towards the Earth. And he also said that as the Earth is spinning no object like moon fall on the Earth.  But later on some great scientists said that yes gravity is playing a major role but the objects in the space is not in a freefall. Here, another theory came that the gravitational pull and push and magnetic effects of other celestial bodies make a bowl like invisible structure which is the bending of gravity keeps the object in the space in their position; they are not in a freefall. Like the structure in the picture shown:- This is only the reason why Earth is in its position. 

10 amazing facts of space which you don't know ??

  10 amazing facts about space 1. Our space (universe, galaxies, solar systems,etc) started  when big bang happened.  The universe began, scientists believe, with every speck of its energy jammed into a very tiny point. This extremely dense point exploded with unimaginable force, creating matter and propelling it outward to make the billions of galaxies of our vast universe. Astrophysicists dubbed this titanic explosion the ' Big Bang'. 2. The stars like our Sun is far away from us. The place where we see a planet or a star is not the actual place of the body. It is located anywhere else. This known as the apparent vision of stars. 3.  Scientists have found that our universe is in a ball like droplet structure where millions of galaxies are there. Like this only there are many droplets, which makes a new thing 'multiverse'. 4.  Neutron Stars  can spin 600 times faster per second. 5.  A star named Methuselah Star is oldest star in space and is about 14.3 billion years ol

Black holes- All information related to black hole

  A black hole is a region in space with a strong gravitational field. The gravity of the Black Hole is so strong that nothing escapes from it, not even light, the fastest thing in the space. Any thing that gets too close gets sucked in. ● The concept of black hole was first proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915 to explain the theory of general relativity. ● Stellar black holes are formed at the end of the life of a red giant star which is three times as large as  our Sun . ● Cygnus X-1 is the nearest known black hole in the outer space. It is located about 8000 light years away. ● Sagittarius A in the centre of Milky Way is probably a massive black hole of about a million solar masses. ● Black holes can only be detected by x-ray satellites. ● The term black hole was coined by American scientist John Archibald Wheeler in 1979. Can black hole suck air ? Black holes are formed in space. We know that space is vaccum so there is no chance that air can be sucked by black holes as air is not p